PBT Printers

Low to Medium-Volume Printing Solutions

Manual Printer: Apex FA offers the PBT Uniprint manual SMT printer. This model is perfect for prototypes, New Product Introduction (NPI), and very low-volume manufacturing facilities.

Semi-Auto Printer: For increased production capabilities, Apex offers the G0-23 and Go-29 and Semi-Auto FA-23 series

LED – Big PCB Printer: The PBT Go-LED offers low cost Semi-Auto 48″ PCB printing


PBT Uniprint Manual Solder/Adhesive Printer:

This stencil printer is a heavy duty, manually operated unit with optional guided squeegee assembly; enables accurate prints down to .4mm (16 mil) lead or ball components.

UNIPRINT machines are available in a modular design for the printing of solder paste, glues, solder masks and inks and are available in standard and large sizes.

Can be upgraded from basic hand printing to guided squeegee printing for different tasks.

The machine has X,Y, and Theta table adjustments.

The special preloaded positioning mechanism performs very precise adjustments within the range of +/- 6mm and +/- 2.5 degrees rotation.

The upper frame is precisely aligned to the lower frame by means of a ball fitting in a bushing, to eliminate any affect from wear on machine precision.

The upper frame is finely balanced with a gas-spring strut, and the balancing forces can be easily adjusted.

PCB Fixturing: There are several different print table options for PCB fixturing:

The S version is a flat table, with corner pieces or a customized nest registering the PCB

Built in vacuum channels are available in various combinations to securely locate the board during printing

The V version is a flat table with vacuum holes (capt: Suitable for flex boards)

The G version is a grooved table with adjustable pins and vacuum holes, enabling precise snap-off

The M version is available for double-sided PCBs, and includes vacuum and free pins to support the PCB

An optional mylar registration frame increases the accuracy for print alignment and allows production of assemblies with fine down to 0.4 mm (16 mil) pitch

Both space-saver tensioning frames and standard tubular stencil frames can be used

The Guided squeegee assembly option provides better uniformity and eliminates influence of the operator to ensure a pre-defined print angle and print pressure (adjustable with a spring). The guided squeegee is recommended for fine-pitch printing and can either be ordered with the machine or retrofitted later. By pulling or pushing the handle, the squeegees are automatically set into the working position. When the handle is in the vertical position it is locked, preventing movement of the assembly.

Main features of the guided squeegee are:

  • Single-sided guide with glide bearing on one side and rollers on the other
  • Print head with two vertical glides for two squeegee assemblies enabling double directional printing
  • Balanced squeegee for easy adjustment of printing pressure uniformity
  • Printing force adjustable in the range of 10-40 N or 10-60 N (independent for both squeegees)
  • Integrated brake for the squeegee assembly stops guided squeegee
General Specs Uniprint Uniprint P (large)
Type Manual Printer
Size of print table (L x W x H) 340 x 420mm ( 13.4” x 16.5”) 510 x 510mm (20” x 20”)
Stencil frame size (depends on clamping system W: 310-438mm (12.2”- 17.2”), L: 480-497mm (18.9” – 19.6”) W: 380-608mm (15”- 23.9”), L: 600mm (23.6”)
Board size max (with guided squegee 280 x 290mm (11” x 11.4”) 370 x 420mm (14.5” x16.5”)
Total accuracy of system +/- 20 micron
Alignment range of table X, Y axis : +/- 6 mm Theta: +/- 2.5 degrees
Guided squeegee adjustable force 10 – 50 N
Dimensions of Printer 470 x 690 x 260mm (18.5” x 27.2” x 10.2”) 680 x 800 x 350mm (26.8” x 31.5” x 13.8”)
Power Requirement NA NA
Air Requirement Only with optional vacuum fixturing
Operating Temperature NA NA
Noise Level NA NA
Weight 25 kg (55 lbs) 33 kg (72.6 lbs)


48″ Long PCB printer: Go-LED

Semi-automatic off line stencil printing machine for printing single side boards. Suitable for printing LED strip panels in lighting production up t0 48″ long.


  • Easy to use PLC touchscreen interface
  • Pneumatic lifting of upper part with stencil frame
  • Easy and ergonomic change of printed board




  • Vision system view through stencil-to-board
  • Easy alignment for accurate printing



  • Quick squeegee clamping
  • Springloaded paste deflectors



General Specs Go-LED
Type Long board Semi-Auto Printer
Board size max 1400 x 420mm (55.1” x 16.5”)
Stencil frame size 1500 x 600 x 40 (59″ x 23.6″ x 1.5″)
Board Thickness .5-4mm (.020 to .157”)
Print Area 1200 x 350w standard, x 410w- optional (47.2″ x 13.8″w standard, x 16.1″ optional)
Typical cycle time (excluding print stroke) 10-20s
Print Pressure – manual control 2-5 bar (40-100N)
Dimensions of Machine 1730 x 930 x 720mm (68″ x 37″ x 28″)
Power Requirement 220v, single phase, 150va
Air Requirement .6-.8 Mpa
Control System PLC Touchscreen
Printing Speed 30-200mm/s (approx 1″ – 8″/s)
Weight 160 kg (352 lbs)


Go-23 and Go-29 Printers

Semi- automatic off line stencil printing machine with camera aided alignment. Go-23 will handle 23″ stencils, and the Go-29 handles 29″ stencils. Ideal for small productions of SMT assemblies.   Capable of printing small chips and BGA/CSPs with pitch down to 0.3mm. Motorized squeegee and table drive assures high quality and repeatable print results.

  • Fully weight balanced upper frame
  • Extra wide opening angle for easy operation access





  • Laser-guided and movable vision system for quick setup


  • Quick squeegee clamping
  • Springloaded paste deflectors



General Specs Go-23 Go-29
Type 23″ stencil size Semi-Auto Printer 29″ stencil size Semi-Auto Printer
Board size max 510 x 420mm (20.1” x 16.5”)  620 x 550mm (23.6” x 21.7”)
Stencil frame size max 650 x 610 x 33 (25.6″ x 24″ x 1.3″)  762 x 780 x 40 (30″ x 30.7″ x 1.6″)
Board Thickness .5-4mm (.020 to .157”)  .5-4mm (.020 to .157”)
Print Area 440 x 400w standard, 480 x 400w- optional (17.3″ x 15.7″w standard, 18.9″ x 15.7″w optional)  600 x 540mm  (23.6″ x 21.2″)
Typical cycle time (excluding print stroke) 10-20s  10-20s
Print Pressure – manual control 2-5 bar (40-100N)  2-5 bar (40-100N)
Dimensions of Machine 745 x 985 x 695mm (29.3″ x 39″ x 27.3″)  895 x 1135 x 695mm (35.2″ x 44.7″ x 27.3″)
Power Requirement 220v, single phase, 150va  220v, single phase, 150va
Air Requirement .6-.8 Mpa  .6-.8 Mpa
Control System PLC Touchscreen  PLC Touchscreen
Printing Speed 20-150mm/s (approx 3/4″ – 6″/s)  20-150mm/s (approx 3/4″ – 6″/s)
Weight 100 kg (220 lbs)  128 kg (281 lbs)


FA23 Semi-Auto Solder/Adhesive Printer :

This stencil printer has electronic squeegee pressure control and double table separation speed. Semi-auto functionality allows easy loading and unloading of the PCB on the sliding table on the front.

The A23 has a camera fiducial vision system with manual alignment. The FA23 has a camera fiducial vision system with motorized automatic stencil to PCB alignment.

PCB slides in to print and out post print

Max printing area for 23” Stencil

Highly flexible for small-/medium-size production

Fast setup for new and repeated products

Low separation speed

Programmable print-gap and print-modes

All print parameters are programmable

Different user levels

Dual-speed table separation

Through-stencil vision system

General Specs FA23 A23
Type Semi-Auto Printer
Board size max 410 (440 opt) x 390mm (16.1”(17.3” opt) x 15.3”)
Stencil frame size W: 584mm (23”), L: 584-680mm (23” – 26.8”)
Board Thickness .5-4mm (.020 to .101”)
Total accuracy of system +/- 20 micron, 3 sigma +/- 20 micron (manual)
Alignment range of table X, Y axis : +/- 5 mm Theta: +/- 2.5 degrees
Squeegee adjustable force 1 –3 N/cm (2.5 – 7.6 N/”)
Dimensions of Printer 860 x 846 x 1416mm (33.9” x 33.3” x 55.7”)
Power Requirement 230v, 150 va
Air Requirement .6 Mpa oil-free
Control System PC controlled Windows 7 OS
Print Speed 10-99 mm/s (.4 – 4.4 in./s)
Weight 220 kg (484 lbs)